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Our Story

We Are Nekktar

After suffering multiple concussions as a student athlete, Julia became part of Chicago's medical marijuana program in 2018 and began microdosing cannabis daily. Quickly, she realized that it was difficult to carry her medicine, cannabis, with her on-the-go. The commonly available doob tubes felt indiscreet, outdated, and unstylish - and were made to carry only one joint. Julia wanted to feel comfortable and confident carrying her medicine with her, so she dreamed up a product called BuzzBoxx (a box that gets you buzzed).

It took Julia and Tim almost two years, seven versions and 100 product testers to perfect the product we have today. During that process, they learned that consumption habits are changing, consumers are looking for products that allow them to move freely, and that our products should be as stylish and sleek like the newest tech accessory in your collection.

Fast forward four years later and the dad-daughter duo has become a strong team of four. With over 2,000 customers and zero products returned, we understand that there is a need for reliable cannabis and medicine storage. Today, Nekktar is designing modern storage for modern medicine.

Black Owned Business

As a Black-owned business, we are committed to being part of the solution, which is why we donate a portion of our profits from sales to nonprofits dedicated to advancing racial justice, criminal justice, and issues impacting BIPOC.

Environmentally Focused

We've partnered with GreenPrint to reduce our plastic and carbon footprint, but we are continually striving to do more. As we grow, we are committed to reinvesting resources to enhance our production process and further reduce our future footprint.

Meet The Team

Founder & CEO

Design & Development

Operations & Communication

Brand & Business Operations

As our Founder and CEO, Julia oversees the company holistically. She leads initiatives around strategy, fundraising, product development, financials, manufacturing, distribution, and more.

Tim’s background and passion are in creativity, design, and development. His ideas are infinite and drive Nekktar’s creative direction and product development.

Klaudia leads operations, communication, and engagement. She focuses on internal & external communication, process building, partnerships & client success, people operations, and project management.

Melissa leads business development and brand strategy. She focuses on key client management, sales operations, brand building, and opportunity identification.